How to get Coral in Minecraft?

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How to get Coral in Minecraft

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Coral in Minecraft refers to a block that can only be found inside an ocean. Coral blocks can be used as building blocks as they carry great real-estate value. Moreover, these blocks can be used for decoration as their color is pleasing to the eye. Now that we know that they are a valuable resource, let’s explore how to get Coral in Minecraft.    

How to get Coral in Minecraft?


There are primarily two requirements when it comes to getting coral in Minecraft. The first one is finding coral and the second one is to mine coral. Let’s explore each of them:   

Where can I find Coral in Minecraft? 

In order to find coral in the world of Minecraft, you have to find a warm ocean. Coral blocks are located only in warm oceans, so you need to spend some time finding a warm ocean.   Do keep in mind that that you won’t be able to find Coral in a lukewarm ocean or a deep warm ocean. Instead, it specifically must be a warm ocean and only then you’ll be able to find Coral.   When visually looking for how to find a warm ocean, you need to look at the color of the ocean. Warm oceans have a greenish light-blue color when looking from the top (as seen in the image below). Once you have located the warm ocean, here is what you need to do next: 

  • Use a boat for exploration: The Coral reefs are spread out widely inside a warm ocean and therefore you need to move around to find Coral blocks. In order to do so, it’s advisable to use a boat. 
  • Look in different depths: Once you are inside a warm ocean, you might need to go deeper in order to find Coral blocks. If you don’t find Coral blocks right way, make sure you explore different depths of the ocean in order to mine.  

  warm ocean for coral   Now that you have found a warm ocean, the next question is how do you mine up coral.    

How to Mine Coral in Minecraft? 

coral reef

If you try to mine coral using a normal Pickaxe, it will break into a dead Coral Block which is of no use. So, what’s the solution? You need a Silk Touch Pickaxe to mine coral in Minecraft.   Once you have it, you can easily mine coral without it dying or breaking. This way you can have solid coral blocks which you can use as decoration or as building blocks.    

What additional tools do I need to Mine Coral? 

When you are searching for how to get Coral in Minecraft, there are some additional tools that come in handy. Here are the tools: 

  1. A Helmet with Aqua Affinity: This will allow you to mine at normal speeds underwater.  
  1. Respiration 3: This will allow you to hold your breath for much longer underwater.  
  1. Boots with Depth Strider 3: They will allow you to walk underwater as fast as you can on land.  

 Can you grow Coral in Minecraft?  No, you cannot grow Coral in Minecraft. Coral appears naturally in warm oceans and if you are lucky enough and have the right tools for mining, you can mine Coral.   However, in the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft you can grow Coral yourself.    

How to place coral in Minecraft without it dying? 

Without water, Coral will die out and change its color to grey. This is why water is essential for Coral to stay alive.   Coral does not have to be fully immersed in water, but at least one of the six adjacent blocks should be water. To ensure that Coral does not die out, follow these tips: 

  • Before placing water, make sure that the destination has water. It’s advisable to place Coral near a water source like a lake or river.  
  • While placing your Coral, make sure there is at least one block of water adjacent to it. This can be any source or type of water.  



Now you know how to get Coral in Minecraft? Simple, wasn’t it. Getting Coral consists of a two-step procedure where first you need to locate Coral (find a warm ocean), and then mine the Coral using specialized tools as discussed above.   I hope this article was helpful for you!  


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