How to Make Stripped Wood in Minecraft? Simple Step-by-Step Guide!

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In the world of Minecraft, you can find different things at different places. Many building blocks are simply for decoration purposes while others are for construction. Stripped wood is a useful asset in Minecraft which can be used to create complex builds and aesthetic designs. Learning how to make Stripped Wood is a valuable skill that every Minecraft lover shall acquire.  

How to make Stripped Wood in Minecraft? In this article we are going to explore how to do it! Here are the things required to craft Stripped Wood in Minecraft 

  • 1 Diamond Axe 
  • 1 Oak Tree 


How to Make Stripped Wood in Minecraft (Step-by-Step Guide) 


Step 1: Find an Oak Tree 

Oak Trees

Finding an Oak tree is the first thing required in crafting Stripped Wood. The easiest places to find Oak trees are forests and swampland. You will be able to find plenty of Oak trees in these areas.   


Step 2: Chop the Oak Tree  

Chop oak tree

Once you have found the Oak Tree, you need to go near it and chop it to obtain Stripped Wood. For that, you need to have an axe in your hand. Although a nether axe can be used but it’s better to use the Diamond Axe, as it will speed up the process.  

While holding the Diamond Axe, go near the tree and press right click. This will strip the bark from the Oak Tree.  

Step 3: Pick up the Stripped Wood 


As soon as you see the stripped Oak log lying in front of you, collect it as soon as possible. If you don’t collect it, it will disappear and your effort will be wasted. Therefore, collect and save it into your Hotbar.  


That’s all. Now you have Stripped Wood using which you can construct aesthetically pleasing structures.  


 When was Stripped Wood added to Minecraft? 

 The Stripped Wood was added to Minecraft in update 1.4. Just like regular wood in our daily lives, stripped wood can be used for construction purposes as well as for fuel.  


What is the Give Command to get a Stripped Wood in Minecraft? 


Command: /give @p stripped_oak_log 1 

This will provide the user with Stripped Wood in Minecraft.  


How to Make Stripped Wood in Minecraft - FAQs  


How long do logs burn in Minecraft? 

A single wooden log burns for around 200 ticks in Minecraft. Different fuels have different burn times, so you can’t expect similar behavior from all fuels.  


What is the best fuel in Minecraft? 

 Coal Block is without a doubt the best fuel in Minecraft. It burns for almost as long as the lava bucket.  


What is the rarest wood in Minecraft?  

Dark Oak Trees are the rarest type of tree that can be found in Minecraft. These trees are difficult to grow in a farm as they require four saplings. 





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